Fragrance In Your Mindfulness Journey

It's nice to take a moment, a breather from the day to day madness of life and reflect. 
Three ways that you can do this with home fragrance are:
1: Each morning try to take at least 5 min when you wake to reflect on your day ahead. Using a mindful scent such as grapefruit and lemon can help with focusing the mind.
2: Throughout the day when feeling stressed or overwhelmed it's good to take a few moments to centre your breathing. Sandalwood is a wonderful scent for this.
3: And evening time - being indulgent and having a bath with a lit candle is a luxury to many, especially on a week night! But even when the time isn't there for that, just having a lit lavender candle while watching tv and unwinding for 30 minutes before bed can help with a wonderful nights sleep.
All Little Village Candles scents are curated with you in mind.  Hopefully at least one will be of help in the daily stresses of life and help you take a break from the World and just BE.  

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