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The Little Village Candles Christmas Scents

Way back in early Spring..... In candle making you must always plan ahead, I'm currently thinking about next years' scents (even Halloween!) and as the Christmas period is one of the busiest for a chandler we must always allow enough time for sourcing of our fragrances, testing, re-testing, and finally promoting our chosen Christmas scents. Hearing jingle bells! It's strange to be thinking about Christmas when summer hasn't even happened but I love to get an idea of what scents were a hit last Christmas, what my customers loved, and what they asked for which I, very annoyingly, didn't have. I have my trusted fragrance suppliers and like to go to them first. I peruse what they have in stock...

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How To Find That Perfect Candle

What To Look For When Buying Your Candle   I have spent the past few years learning about candle making and, WOW, have I learned some INFO! When starting my candle making journey I had no idea of the nuances and techniques involved to create a good quality candle. I want to share what I have learned with you. Before taking the leap into making my own candles, I enjoyed buying and burning candles just like everyone else. Some candles were amazing, others didn't smell of much and some barely burned or had MASSIVE flames! Now I know what these issues mean and I want YOU to know as well as so when you part with your hard earned cash...

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