The Little Village Candles Christmas Scents

The Little Village Candles Christmas Scents

Way back in early Spring.....

In candle making you must always plan ahead, I'm currently thinking about next years' scents (even Halloween!) and as the Christmas period is one of the busiest for a chandler we must always allow enough time for sourcing of our fragrances, testing, re-testing, and finally promoting our chosen Christmas scents.

Hearing jingle bells!

It's strange to be thinking about Christmas when summer hasn't even happened but I love to get an idea of what scents were a hit last Christmas, what my customers loved, and what they asked for which I, very annoyingly, didn't have. I have my trusted fragrance suppliers and like to go to them first. I peruse what they have in stock and order smaller fragrance samples that I can use in testing new candles. My husband's and children's noses get very confused smelling Christmas Pine in May!

LVC Christmas Candles are born!

Feeling Christmassey is all about the scent, in my opinion. Fragrance can make or break a candle and reed diffuser and, what I always want, when customers pick up a Little Village candle, is for them to not only smell the fragrance but FEEL it as well.



Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh Christmas Candle









I knew that Frankincense & Myrrh was a hit from last year and therefore wanted to keep it coming back this year but I wanted to add another to the mix....enter Christmas Tree. When I initially sampled it I wasn't sure but WOW! once that first test candle was lit I was POSITIVE it was going to be my new Christmas candle for 2022. When lit you actually feel you are surrounded by Christmas Trees in a wonderfully snow filled pine forest. It's amazing and so enjoyable! It became clear then that my two Christmas candle scents would be Christmas Tree and Frankincense & Myrrh. 


Silver Christmas Tree Christmas Candle


My Christmas mission for 2022 was accomplished!

Steph xx


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