How A Name Is Chosen

How A Name Is Chosen

How Do I Name A Fragrance?

Naming a fragrance can be tricky, which I have come to find out! I want to convey what has gone into the scent but also make it catchy for the customer. It's a fine balance between being literal and also poetic! 

Sniff, Sniff!

The hours I've spent smelling candles is nothing to be sniffed at (hehe.....). I have spent hours smelling each candle over these past years. Talking to myself and saying each chosen name out loud. As well as chatting to my ever patient husband over a glass of wine in the evening and getting his views and ideas.

The End Result

Little Village Candles has 11 permanent fragrances in its collection. Along with 2-3 limited editions that are released throughout the year. The names range from:  Dark Honey & Tobacco, Bluebell and Red Rose to Waterlily & Sea Salt, Cassis & Fig and Pear & Vanilla. Each candle (I hope) gives the customer a good idea of what is in each fragrance and a heads up on the scent they will smell when their candle is lit.

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